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How many woods could a wood vent come in,

if a wood vent could come in your wood.

Wood Species and Finish Selection

Milled lumber on hand for special orders includes ash, birch, beech, domestic and brazilian cherry, santos and honduran mahogany, douglas fir, hickory, poplar, southern yellow pine, white pine and domestic walnut. Some 30 other species of rare and exotic woods are on hand in rough-sawn form. If a specific installation requires lot matching of vents to your floor, you may supply 25/32" or 3/4" flooring for vent fabrication in our plant.

wood samples picture

Picture of some woods

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Does "custom" sound expensive?    Be surprised.

Call for a quote @ 1 800 685 8263

Our custom prices are sometimes less than our competitions stock vents!


Wood Species Code #

Standard Stock  -  No Up charge

01 Red Oak
02 White Oak   ( Think white oak is lighter?  Click the pic above.  )    
   Paint grade maple                 


Custom  -  Category 1

16 Alder
10 Ash


07 Birch
06 Hickory
42 Ponderosa Pine
27 Poplar
30 Southern Yellow Pine
37 White Pine
43 Lyptus


Maple   (clear hard)


Custom  -  Category 2

20 Cedar  -  Western Red
11 Cherry  -  Brazilian
04 Cherry  -  Domestic
39 Jarrah
19 Mahogany  -  Santos
26 Purple Heart
12 Red Oak  -  Quarter Sawn
21 Southern Chestnut
08 Walnut 
05 White Oak  -  Quarter Sawn


Custom  -  Category 3

22 Antique Heart Pine
14 Australian Cypress
41 Doug Fir  -  Vertical
35 Ipe
09 Mahogany  -  Honduran
32 New Heart Pine
24 Padauk
17 Red Birch
28 Redwood


Sydney Blue


Custom  -  Category 4

13 Bamboo  -  Horizontal or Vertical Grain
18 Chestnut  -  Antique
31 Iroko
33 Teak
36 Wenge

Don't see your wood type... call, we can probably get it.  Or send us a sample of your flooring, or have us use your flooring to make your vents.  We want your project to come out the right way the first time.

All vents are shipped sanded and clean; ready for on-site finishing.

or have them factory finished

C u s t o m  F i n i s h e s

Choose to have your wood vents factory stained and finished.

We can match any stain color you have.

Wood Vent Warranty

You can expect most custom orders within 2 weeks, stock vents within 5 days (plus shipping time).

All wood registers have a warranty against any manufactures defects.

Any claims will be at the manufactures discretion.

Custom or open "out of package" vents are not returnable under any circumstances.

 Returnable vents are subject to inspection and a minimum 20% return charge plus shipping charges.

So remember... Measure twice, order once.





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Full service does still exist, and here the premium is on service not on price.   1-800-685-8263
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