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Information & Quote Request
...for the Wood Vent Source.  A Satellite website of Volko.com dedicated to wood vent options.

E-mail us at info@volko.com

We supply homeowners, builders, contractors, architects and other suppliers.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.  We are sure that you will be pleased in the personable manner in which we conduct business.  Your questions or orders are usually handled the same day or next morning. 

Any immediate questions can be answered quickly using our 800 685 8263 number. 

We're here Monday to Friday  7AM - 4PM  EST

All information is treated as "personal" and confidential.

Volko Supply does not and will not sell, share or publish your e-mail address or any other information.

We respect your privacy.

To answer your needs please try to include as much info as possible to allow an accurate quote.  We would like to have a good application description : 

Type of floor (installed or in process), Type of wall - ceiling (wood, drywall, plaster), Pictures are very helpful... 

Also include your State & Zip Code to allow shipping as part of the quote.

Remember........ Measure 12 times order once.

Usually, supply vents are measured by the opening and returns by the overall face of the vent.  But who is ever lucky enough to have "usually" sized vents..... so measure everything.

A "cut" opening can be slightly larger or smaller than the actual duct opening and fool you into purchasing custom vents.

When measuring an opening, measure the metal duct work, if any, also.

No head scratchin'.  Custom quotes are simple and quick.  Give us the wood type - length & width and you got it.


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Full service does still exist, and here at Volko Supply,
the premium is on service not on price.

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