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Original Style Oak Grilles & Registers

Discontinued as stock.  ONLY available as custom.

wood grille, original wide louver, flush mount

Original Style

Flush With Frame Model

wood grille, original wide louver, flush mount

The original design is engineered to satisfy the demands of professional floor layers. Each vent is built oversized to cover a standard adjustable metal register installed on the subfloor. The essential ability to control air flow is retained. The patented design allows flush installation in a 3/4" floor. Fluted dowel construction. Each vent is supplied with its own frame and complete installation and finishing instructions. We strongly recommend using 12" vents on 10" duct openings for optimal air flow.

wood grille, original wide louver, flush mount no frame

Original Style

Flush No Frame Model

wood grille, original wide louver, flush mount no frame

As the name implies, the same vent as the flush with frame model less the frame. Without a frame, this unit satisfies two specific needs:

1. Permits retrofitting in existing 3/4" floors by routing out an area the size of the wood vent and re-installing the metal register on the subfloor;
2. Provides a less massive appearance than the framed model, and may be trimmed even further by ripping up to 1/2" off each rail at the job site.

 Use Trimline Flush With Frame Wood Grilles

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Flush WITH Frame Wood Floor Vents and Wood grilles

Slim, trim, flush styling with the cleanest look possible for any wood floor. Seats flat on the subfloor. The lift-out vent permits cleaning of the duct throat. Delicate looking, but tough. Adjustable damper also available for stock sizes.

flush with frame wood vent sketch  

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